Jennifer Wen Ma and Mayor Bill Peduto tour the installation.  Image by Jen Saffron.

 Jennifer Wen Ma and Mayor Bill Peduto tour the installation.  Image by Jen Saffron.

A Winter Landscape Cradling Bits of Sparkle

From Thursday,February 19 through May 3, 2015, visitors to Market Square discovered a small forest set against the winter cityscape of Downtown Pittsburgh’s Market Square buildings. Jennifer Wen Ma describes the work:

“The harshness of winter, history of Pittsburgh, and personal need for rest and quietude, served as the main inspirations for this work. I wanted to create an installation that linked these elements and emphasized the powerful life force that renews.

This is the force that pulls blossoms from a frosted tree branch in the Spring, lifts a city from economic decline by encouraging innovative industry, and motivates people to re-emerge from a private slumber to embrace the creative
energy within.”

The forest of A Winter Landscape Cradling Bits of Sparkle  was composed of a variety of trees: weeping willows, evergreens, flowering fruit trees, and bamboos. The trees were painted black with Chinese ink, creating a stark landscape that was seemingly in a state of arrested development. The trees evolved through the course of the exhibition – over time, green tender formed on the bamboo and willow branches, and flowers bloomed on the fruit trees, announcing the arrival of spring.

Visitors to Market Square were invited to walk through the landscape via an elevated pathway, exploring the micro-forest and discovering glass sculptures embedded within, while contemplating the transition of the seasons. 

You can look at Wen Ma's previous work online at

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