Press contact: Leigh White
Title: Vice President of Marketing and Communications at the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership
Cell: 412-606-9877

Alisha B. Wormsley and Ricardo Iamuuri Robinson, Streaming Space, 2019
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Mary Thomas, “'Streaming Space' art project aims to bring calm to bustling Market Square,” Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, April 18, 2019.
Amanda Waltz, “Alisha B. Wormsley and Ricardo Iamuuri Robinson take multimedia installation Streaming Space to Market Square,” Pittsburgh City Paper, April 16, 2019.

Ball-Nogues Studio, Other Side of the World, 2018
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"Market Square is transformed by art installation 'Other Side of the World,'" Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, May 2, 2018
"Public Art 'Other Side of the World' at Market Square," Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, May 4, 2018

Sheryl Oring, I Wish to Say, 2017
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Jennifer Baron, "Have a message for President Trump? Artist Sheryl Oring will type it and send it for you," Next Pittsburgh, April 25, 2017
Elizabeth Behrman, "Volunteer 'secretaries' type out, mail letters, to Trump," Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, April 29, 2017
David Highfield, "Unusual Art Display Brings '60s Secretaries With Typewriters to Pittsburgh," April 28, 2017
Amani Newton, "Short List: April 27 - May 3," Pittsburgh City Paper, April 26, 2017
Craig Taylor, "Write a Postcard to the President in Market Square," Pittsburgh Magazine, April 4, 2017
Pittsburgh Today Live interview with Sheryl Oring

Allard van Hoorn, Mix-N-Match, 2016
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Jon Andreassi, "Lifesize Jukebox Pops Up In Market Square," Point Park New Service, April 18, 2016
Barbara Klein, "Giant record player art installation takes over Market Square," Next Pittsburgh, March 19, 2016.
Michael Machosky, "Dutch artist's Market Square installation invites public to 'play,'" Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, March 18, 2016.
Diana Nelson Jones, "Interactive art exhibit to open Friday in Market Square, " Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, March 16, 2016.
Courtney Linder, "Art installation transforms Pittsburgh's Market Square into a living record player," Pittsburgh City Paper, March 16, 2016.
Nadine Wasserman, "Sound installation turns Market Square into a unique sort of record player," Pittsburgh City Paper, April 20, 2016
"Mix N' Match - LED Art Installation," March 26, 2016
"Wall-to-Wall Studios Designs Branding for 'Mix-N-Match' Public Art Installation," April 8, 2016
Pittsburgh Today Live interview with Allard van Hoorn 

Jennifer Wen Ma, A Winter Landscape Cradling Bits of Sparkle, 2015
Lauri Gravina, "City, meet forest at Market Square's Winter Art Installation," NEXTPittsburgh, February 17, 2015
Leah Kennedy, "Jennifer Wen Ma Transforms PGH into 'A Winter Landscape Cradling Bits of Sparkle,'" NakYouOut, February 23, 2015
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Bill O'Driscoll, "Public art 'forest' opens in Market Square tomorrow," Pittsburgh City Paper, February 18, 2015
Christine Smith, "Exhibition Preview: 'A Winter Landscape Cradling Bits of Sparkle,'" Treading Art, February 18, 2015

KMA, Congregation, 2014
Dave Crawley, "Unique Traveling Light Show Makes Pittsburgh Its First North American Stop," KDKA, February 21, 2014
Michael Lynch, "'Congregation' To Light Up Market Square," WESA, January 30, 2014
Diana Nelson Jones, "Interactive light art show 'Congregation' opens at Market Square, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, February 22, 2014
Bill O'Driscoll, "New Interactive Art Coming to Market Square," Pittsburgh City Paper, January 31, 2014
Nadine Wasserman, "Technology is a uniter in a new interactive art installation in Market Square," Pittsburgh City Paper, March 5, 2014
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